Bang Arne


Arne Bang is born in Frederiksberg in October 29th 1901. He trains at the Royal Academy of Arts as a sculptor and then in 1926 starts his own studio  with Carl Halier. From 1929 he becomes affliated with Holmegaard Glasvaerk where his older brother Jacob E. Bang was the artistic director. There he began experimenting with stoneware, with the aim of producing high quality ceramic for 'ordinary' people rather than one-off expensive works. He succeeded and it is said he produced 10,000 pieces per year at some point in the 1930s. He was very prolific and also made sculptures and reliefs from the 1940s. The best known pottery from his hand are the monochrome vases, bowls and vases with a matte glaze. He died May 21st 1983.


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