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Discover Rose's elegant yet simple glass collection. The hand-blown leaded crystal has been thoughtfully designed for everyday use as well as more formal settings. 

The designs are influenced by the Viennese Secession movement, and are crafted using traditional methods in the heart of the Hungarian glass blowing district of Transdanubia. 

The collection has evolved over the years from drinking glasses and tumblers, to a much wider collection; including our new vase and bowl additions.

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Faceted Glass Vase by Rose Uniacke - hand-blown, hand-cut lead crystal combining an avant-garde design of the early Viennese Secession with the high architectural motifs of New York Art Deco.



Water Jug & Glasses by Rose Uniacke - A beautiful crystal water jug and glasses set; with faceted cut sides, the jug is designed without a handle but narrow enough to easily grip. 



Stem Vase by Rose Uniacke - both elegant and delicate, this crystal bud vase is one of the newest additions to the Glassware Collection. 



Decanter by Rose Uniacke - equally suitable as a traditional decanter, or an informal water jug.

Low Ball Glass by Rose Uniacke -  with wafer thin rims these make the perfect drinking glasses. Also available in a High Ball version. 



Champagne Flute by Rose Uniacke - the traditional champagne flute shape, with Rose's signature twist.  

Champagne Coupe by Rose Uniacke - our most elegant glass, perfect for entertaining and best used as a set of six. 



Leaded Low-Ball Crystal Tumbler by Rose Uniacke - heavy-based whiskey style tumbler with beautiful faceted edges. 

Leaded High-Ball Crystal Tumbler by Rose Uniacke - the taller sibling of the Low-Ball Crystal Tumbler. 


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