Arts & Crafts 'Bee' Wall Cabinet

An open bracketed shelf above two painted doors with decorative brass hinges, the whole supported by brackets

England, circa 1880

The painted panels show nature-inspired scenes of Anglo-Japanese inspiration, with tall stems of cow parsley crowded with bees. The industrialised West was fascinated by the newly discovered charms of Japan, a place seemingly uncorrupted by modern machinery and urbanisation, and increasingly designers looked towards the everyday beauty of nature. The indigenous character of the subject matter gives the cabinet special charm, with a nod towards the emerging Arts & Crafts movement and its localised political incentives, rather than far off dreams in the orient and escapist fantasies. The lack of an ebonised finish also indicates a later, almost arts and crafts honesty too, although the 'heavier' brass works does carry the air of earlier Gothic revivalism. Unlike pure Aesthetic Movement 'Art for Art's sake' - with no moral stance beyond visual delight and sensuous pleasure - this cabinet points towards a home grown beauty. very much in the manner of Clement Heaton

In the manner of Clement Heaton
H 74cm x W 47cm x D 18cm
H 29" x W 18½" x D 7"
Arts & Crafts 'Bee' Wall Cabinet_0
Arts & Crafts 'Bee' Wall Cabinet_0 Arts & Crafts 'Bee' Wall Cabinet_1 Arts & Crafts 'Bee' Wall Cabinet_2


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