Asprey was founded by William Asprey in 1781 in Mitcham, Surrey and was based there before moving to its world famous premises on New Bond Street, London, where it still resides today. The company offered ‘articles of exclusive design and high quality, whether for personal adornment or personal accompaniment and to endow with richness and beauty the table and homes of people of refinement and discernment.’

Asprey made their name by making dressing cases for travel and attracted a high-class clientele to their fashionable store on New Bond Street. They won an award for their dressing cases at the International Exhibition in 1862 and were also given the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria.

The beginning of the twentieth century saw Asprey embrace the new ‘Art Deco’ style, known as ‘Jazz modern’ at the time. This was a golden age of luxury goods for the company and they produced a beautiful collection of pieces.

The Asprey workshops stayed open during World War II, which gained the company new clients both during and after the war. Asprey continued to grow and still remains an extremely fashionable producer of luxury goods today.


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