Flight Claude


Claude Flight (1881-1955)

Walter Claude Flight is best known as a pioneer of the linoleum cut, which he first used in 1919. His passion for promoting the method stemmed from the wish to provide a cheap and easily obtainable material that could be used not only by the artistic elites, but also by the hitherto excluded masses, so as to democratize artistic practice.

He settled on an artistic career in the early 1910s and enrolled at the Heatherley School of Fine Art. By 1921, he was exhibiting prints at the Royal Academy and, a year later, in Paris. He was also a member of the Seven and Five Society alongside the likes of Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson, and Barbara Hepworth. He taught at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art from 1926, with renowned printers Lill Tschudi and Sybil Andrews among his students. 


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