'Dodekaeder' Brass Hanging Light by Adolf Loos

by Adolf Loos
Designed by Adolf Loos and manufactured by the Friedrich Otto Schmidt Workshop

in the 'Wiener Moderne' style, single-light hanging lamp with twelve-part body (dodecahedron) made of brass, a window with a hinged flap, bevelled multi-faceted glass panes under original brass chain and canopy

Vienna, circa 1902/03

cf. inter alia Rukschcio, Schachel, Adolf Loos, p. 604ff., n. 753, 754; Ottillinger, Adolf Loos, p. 139, p. 149 (gentleman's study in the apartment of Arthur and Leonie Friedmann, 1906/07), p. 161 (large ill. of the "Metall-Glas-Lampe" from the catalogue of F. O. Schmidt); Adolf Loos, Wohnungen, p. 55; Arthur and Leonie Friedmann apartment, Vienna I, 1906-07, (photo, c. 1930); Rukschcio, Adolf Loos: Apartment for Richard Hirsch, Pilsen, 1927, p. 63, 77, 85, 88; Rostбs, Friedrich Otto Schmidt, p. 147, here with the following description: hanging lamp made of copper, facetted glass, mineral form, rounded corners, Oswald, Vienna, 100, 1902.03.24. and: facet lamp, mineral structure, made of brass, 12 discs on chain, FOS, Hee g, 1903, 156 fl. ill. of Kiscelli Mъzeum, Schmidtarchivum, R2-A2 szekrйny, 170

Max height with chain & canopy: 112cm / 44"
H 28cm x W 28cm
H 11.03" x W 11.03"


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