Adie George


George Mountford Adie, the son of a furniture dealer, actually started a career in stockbroking before going on to become an architect. He set up a firm with Horace Gael Hammond, trading together as Adie & Company in Hanover Square. He used his skill for philanthropic purposes, designing barracks for soldiers during World War II. Adie cleverly arranged each space to allow for privacy, positioning pieces of furniture in-between beds as opposed to at the end of each room (Azize, Joseph. 'George Mountford Adie' in Gurdjieff International Review). A highly philosophical man with an apparently wandering career path, Adie would later dedicate his life to the teachings of the mystic and spiritual leader, George Gurdjieff. Hammond, who would also work with Adie in designing Charter's House in 1938, was ultimately best known for designing the Grade II Listed Curzon Mayfair Cinema.


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