Burkhalter Jean


Jean Burkhalter 1895 – 1984

Jean Burkhalter was a French painter, sculptor, architect and decorator who collaborated with architects Pierre Chareau and Robert Mallet-Stevens amongst others. From 1919 he presented artwork at the Salon des Arts Décoratifs that included printed fabrics, rugs and silver. For his furniture he made extensive use of metal, often producing chairs in tubular steel.

His shapes are functional and light, simple and practical. It was this kind of furniture that Jean Burkhalter exhibited from 1930 up until the start of the WWII, at the Salons de l’Union des Artistes Modernes. He also made ceramic pieces for Sèvres.

Burkhalter also participated in creating the monument that twin sculptors Jan and Joël Martel raised in honour of Claude Debussy in Paris in 1932 and which still can be found on the Boulevard Lannes.

In 1935 he became director of the L’Ecole des Arts Décoratifs d’Auxerre, his hometown, and went on to have the same directorship at Limoges.

Later in life he devoted himself solely to painting.


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