Wabbes Jules


Jules Wabbes, born in Brussels in 1919, was a Belgian furniture designer and interior architect. He initially became an actor, followed by various other professions, before he decided to open an antiques shop in Brussels with Louise Carrey, an actress and musician married to Georges Carrey, the famous artist.

The successes of this venture led to Wabbes designing many interiors for his clients. Important projects included the International Science Pavilion for The World Exhibition in Brussels and the offices of Credit Communal and Generale de Banque. He also opened a workshop for restoration purposes and then began building his own furniture there. Wabbes used traditional techniques but pushed himself to create modern designs, inspired by his contemporaries.

Jules Wabbes's work embodies the expression of pure quality with excellent material. He is especially famous for his use of end grain tropical hardwood (bois de bout). Wabbes was an ambassador for Belgian furniture and lighting design of the 60s and 70s. He taught at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels as of 1971, inspiring young design students.


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