Holmstrom Lars


Lars Holmstrom was a Swedish blacksmith known for his lighting designs. Born into a lineage of blacksmiths in 1894, Holmstrom learnt his trade from his father, and by the age of 18 had gained a scholarship as an artistic blacksmith in Arvika with the Eriksson Furniture Workshop. In 1921, he would settle in Arvika and begin his career proper as an artist blacksmith. He was one of the craftsman that set up Arvika Crafts in 1922, and would forge for them. Arvika Crafts was an association of artisans and the oldest specialist shop for local crafts in the country, one which ultimately sought to facilitate the sale of the crafts of those involved.

Lars’ work was spread across the religious and the secular. He made light fittings and vessels for churches in Gothenburg and Stockholm amongst others, and brass chandeliers for the Holy Trinity Church in Arvika. Yet he also showed candlesticks and chandeliers at the famous 1925 Paris Exhibition. And this expanded his reputation on the continent, as he was praised by the French press for his strong connection to materials, which no doubt comes out of his practical training. Though Holmstrom died in 1959, his firm continued the production of brass washers, chandeliers, and sconces that marked his work, spreading his influence throughout Sweden.


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