du Plantier Marc


Marc du Plantier was born in Moramanga, Madagascar in 1901 but went to Paris for his studies. He graduated in mathematics and philosophy before he followed his passions working in the workshops of Architect Heraut and doing painting classes with Paul Albert at Academie Julian. He then did various jobs as a designer model for haute-couture houses before he eventually started his own design work in Paris in 1930.


Du Plantier left France at the beginning of World War II and went to Spain, then Mexico and Los Angeles. This time of travel saw his work develop a much more abstract style than his previous work and he set up his interior design company Art Décor, through which he completed commissions worldwide. He returned to Paris in 1966, receiving acclaim for his latest work from the likes of André Arbus, Bérard and Maurice Rheims.

Marc du Plantier secured his reputation as a designer by holding fabulous parties for the high society of Paris in his own home, decorated in a neo-Greek style and featuring wonderful antiques on pedestals, luscious draping fabrics and a marble panelled screen. His furniture was beautifully made, harking back to the traditions of craftsmen in the Louis XV period. Du Plantier’s networking gained him projects for the elite of the time, doing interiors for Henry de Rothschild, Juan March and Ali Khan. He also designed a stage set for the Comédie française and furniture for the Elysée Palace as well as the Franch embassy in Ottowa.


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