Mori Mauro


Mauro Mori is an Italian furniture designer and sculptor, born in 1965 in Cremona. He has travelled a great deal since his youth and draws inspiration from people, cultures and languages. These ideas enrich his inspirational resources and are expressed through functional and figurative shapes in his designs. Mori often carves and sculpts his works from solid blocks of matter, usually working in the places of their origin. Mori’s work regularly balances on the verge between sculpture and furniture design making interesting and individual pieces.

After having designed a collection for Mondo Cappellini between 1995 and 2004, Mori set up his own workshop in Milan from which he still creates and distributes his work. He has also founded a registered charity Hand®, that aids talented artists and craftsmen who are in times of economic difficulty or who have physical disabilities.

“My work develops through the readings of symbols and symbolism’ – Mauro Mori.


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