Lane Maxie


1910 - 2014

The Artist, who famously cut through his meal, table and chairs in an Andover restaurant in the 1970s because the steak was said to be tough was a flawed diamond with many facets - artist, author, sculptor, a fun-loving hellraiser, bar-room brawler, prisoner, Army deserter, animal and nature lover, doting grandad and family man, totally unconventional and anti-establishment.

Following a longstanding love of woodwork, Maxie sculpted ornamental artworks from the trees he felled. His mammoth sculpture - The Last Supper Table - is on permanent display at Furzey Gardens, in the New Forest, and is the largest English elm sculpture in the world. He was also an accomplished artist and held exhibitions all over the world, including in New York and at the Ideal Home Exhibition in Olympia, London. His notoriety led to him being a guest on the Russell Harty and Esther Rantzen television chat shows, as well as featuring in most national newspapers.


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