Panneau 021093

by Simone Prouvé
In this piece, Simone Prouvé plays with the language of line, as we read this textile from left to right. Two panneaux hung side by side make up a whole, the gap between the two pieces becoming a part of the artwork itself. Once again, Prouvé's penchant for neutral colours is revealed, the only exception being the red accents which punctuate the horizontal green lines.

Prouvé often experimented with complex manmade materials, as is the case with this piece, made of Twaron, a 'para-aramid'. This high-performance material, which is both heat and chemical-resistant, is thought to be one of the most valuable manmade fibres, largely thanks to its durability. This knowledge further complicates our relationship with Prouvé's designs, as their inspiration is so blatantly organic.

Material: Twaron
©, Panox®, Fibreglass, Kermel®

France, 1993

Acquired from the artist
Exhibited at Galerie Meubles et Fonctions (MFI), Paris, 1995
H 122cm x W 100cm
H 48.05" x W 39.39"


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