Dupré-Lafon Paul


Paul Dupré-Lafon was born on June 17th 1900 in Marseille, France and pursued his creativity studying at the École des Beaux-Arts in Marseille. He graduated as an architect and decorator in 1923 and moved to Paris to start work. By 1928 he was married and working from his Parisian home with the help of young apprentices.

The majority of Dupré-Lafon’s work was in the Art Deco style and also richly inspired by Cubist artwork, creating traditionally crafted, functional furniture with geometric forms. He used contrasting materials in his work to create bold designs.

In 1929 he completed his first important project, a private hotel on rue Rembrandt. Later that year he began working with Hermès and from then on continued to work for a fashionable set of clients. He also received several write ups in ‘Art et Décoration’.

Another of Paul Dupré-Lafon’s most renowned projects was a second private hotel in avenue Foche, Paris, which he realised in 1938. This was later published in ‘Le décor d’aujourd’hui’ alongside an article by fellow French designer Michel Dufet.

Paul Dupré-Lafon began to work a lot with Jacques Parisot in 1950, a graduate from the École de Boulle who had previously been a colleague of Jacques Émile Ruhlmann and now had his own furniture company. Dupré-Lafon later wrote several books about design and furniture towards the end of his career.


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