Playing Cards in Eau De Nil

by Rose Uniacke

A beautiful hand-produced single deck of playing cards in eau de nil with a hand applied shimmering silver gilt edge.

In 1939, a near complete pack of Mamluk playing cards was discovered at the Topkapi Palace, this contained 52 cards comprising of 4 suits - polo sticks, coins, swords and cups; each suit consisted of three court cards and ten pip cards. From this Medieval pack and its like, derives our modern playing card style.

Rose Uniacke has approached the pack or playing cards with the past four centuries as their influence; each suit represents a key of motifs of its age.

The 17th century sees imported Coromandel Coast chintz motifs sitting alongside the Baroque lines of Daniel Marot.
The 18th Century is represented by the Neo-Classical designs of Robert Adam bordering looser floral patterns from tortoiseshell pique-work.
The 19th Century sees Regency designs of Thomas Hope running alongside the stylised motifs of Dr. Christopher Dresser from the end of the century.
The 20th Century has many styles represented from the Viennese Secession to Danish Modernism.
H 9cm x W 6cm x D 2cm
H 3.54" x W 2.36" x D .79"
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