Sheer Linen Abaca Blend in Antique White

Application: Curtains

Composition: 64% Abaca, 36% Linen

Discovered while digging through mill archive samples, Antique White has been re-created/woven exclusively for Rose.

Abaca (also known as Manilla Hemp) is a natural leaf fibre derived from the abaca plant, part of the banana tree family. The fibre is extracted from the leaf stems and spun into a strong and flexible yarn. A variety of natural tones of the abaca comes through in the weave - from light to dark - reflecting a rustic quality.

The paper-like abaca yarn gives the fabric structure in the weft, while the linen used on the warp offers suppleness. The result is dynamic and gauze like in its structure yet it retains fluidity, which makes it perfectly suited to screens or roller blinds.

Abaca has been identified by the UN as one of four 'Future Fibres' due to its eco credentials. The abaca plant has been shown to enrich the land that surrounds its roots, especially in former rainforests or monoculture plantations.
W 145cm
W 57.11"


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