Small Country Ash 'Bodger's' Stool

Of charming scale and character, the rectangular seat top on three sturdy legs

England, 19th Century

Not to be confused with 'botched' the Bodger was a skilled wood-turner, often of an itinerant nature, who would use green wood to make chair legs and other cylindrical parts of furniture. The work was usually done close to where a tree was felled, thus the bodger's equipment needed to be easy to move around. The completed chair legs were sold to furniture factories to be married with other chair parts made in the workshop
H 26cm x W 25cm x D 29cm
H 10.24" x W 9.85" x D 11.42"
Small Country Ash 'Bodger's' Stool_0
Small Country Ash 'Bodger's' Stool_0 Small Country Ash 'Bodger's' Stool_1


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