Strombergshyttan (born 1933)

Strombergshyttan is one popular makers of mid century glass in Sweden. The pieces typically have a unique and beautiful blue-silver tone to them. Most of the glass was designed by Gerda and Asta Stromberg, and the majority of the glass made by this house is marked either Strombergshyttan or Stromberg, along with a production code. The company was owned by the Stromberg family until it was purchased by Orrefors in 1976.

Strömbergshyttan's glassworks was named in 1933 after the mill manager Edvard Strömberg, but the glassworks had been founded as early as 1876 under the name Lindefors glassworks. During the Great depression of the1930s, however, operations were forced to close down and the same crisis hit Eda glassworks in 1933, where Edvard Strömberg was managing director.
When they had been forced to close down operations at Eda, Edvard Strömberg moved back to Småland and Lindefors in the summer of 1933. Together with his wife, designer Gerda Strömberg , he restarted Lindefors glassworks. They leased it and gave it the name Strömbergshyttan and later also became the owner of the mill. Edvard Strömberg also managed to re-employ the glassblower master Knut Bergqvist, which he knew well from the years 1918 to 1927, when they had both worked at Orrefors glassworks. Strömberg also supplemented the workforce at his new glassworks with about ten glass workers from Eda. Now they had a solid foundation to stand on with Edvard Strömberg as leader and his wife Gerda as designer and with skilled glassblowers and grinders from both Småland's and Värmland's glass centers.

The glass furnace at Studio Strömbergshyttan was switched off in 2008 and the operation was transferred to Bergdala glassworks, but the sales premises in Strömbergshyttan have been retained. The new brand is Bergdala Studioglas, which is a merger of Bergdala Design and Studioglas Strömbergshyttan


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