Wrought Iron Chandelier by Carlo Rizzarda

by Carlo Rizzarda
Forged and wrought iron with green patina, the six light chandelier with central stylised impala and hanging tassels

Italy, circa 1925

Carlo Rizzarda (1883 - 1931) was a pupil of the famous blacksmith Alessandro Mazzucotelli and we can see his teacher's influence in the chandelier's distinctive hanging tassels, very much a decorative trademark of the elder Master. When considering the materials at play, it is remarkable that the design succeeds in offering such a profound feeling of lightness. Rizzarda's virtuosic handling of metal has produced an intricately delicate and nimble work of art.

Produced in the Liberty Style, the Italian variant of Art Nouveau, Rizzarda's chandelier asks to be treated as Art, not merely just an object of function. Much decorative inspiration of the period was still hugely influenced by Japanese Art and textiles, with designers like Edgar Brandt actively using Japonist motifs throughout their metal work, such as the stylised storks of 'Les Cigognes d'Alsace'. Likewise, the deer and gazelle became popular pictorial motifs of the period, with designers recreating compositions reminiscent of Rococo pastoral scenes, with figures or animals among large scale flora or framework. The central animal motif became a distinctive Rizzarda trademark, which he re-used on a great number of his lights
H 97cm x D 60cm
H 38.2" x D 23.63"


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