Tura Aldo


The name of the famous Italian designer Aldo Tura is synonymous with classic, timeless design and the elaborate manufacture of furniture with a unique character.

Tura became involved with the manufacture of tables, cupboards and lamps from the 1930s onwards, eventually founding his own workshop near Milan in 1939. His design sketches united elements of art deco and minimalism in a stylistic fusion. He favoured the use of coloured and lacquered parchment and red, green and brown tones are among his best loved and most often used colours. Among Tura's trademark designs are tables, sideboards and, above all, fully-equipped bar furnishings. From the 1950s, these were complemented by furniture with hand-painted landscape motifs, architectural images and figurative scenes recalling great painters of the previous century, or such eccentric motifs as an aquarium by Franco del Bero. Throughout his life Tura never followed the trend towards industrial production, but instead remained faithful to his métier as a manufacturer of high-quality designer works until his death in 1963.

Today the firm of 'Tura', with its headquarters in the Italian region of Brianza, produces exclusive items of furniture that follow in the tradition of their famous namesake.


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