Rava Carlo Enrico


Carlo Enrico Rava was an Italian architect and designer, born in 1903, who studied at the Milan Polytechnic. Along with six fellow pupils with rationalist views at the Polytechnic, Rava formed the Gruppo 7 in order to create a new kind of architecture, blending classicism and industrial architecture. This group was the pioneering force behind the rationalist architecture movement in Italy and received international recognition in 1927 when they built the Casa Elettrica at the Deutscher Werkbund exhibition in Stuttgart.Rava also designed rationalist furniture as well as buildings, in collaboration with Luigi Figini and Enrico Griffini. However, Rava left Gruppo 7 in 1929, as he no longer saw the need to be rationalist, believing that the only necessity in architecture was modernity.Carlo Enrico Rava was an avid writer, writing various columns on the subject of architecture and design. He was published regularly in Gio Ponti’s magazine Stile in which he berated the standards of contemporary Italian production design in film, another one of his passions, in his column Il gusto negli interni di film. He himself completed various designs for film sets produced at Cinecittà.Rava was a very active furniture and interior designer throughout his career and was on occasion criticised during economically difficult times for being too luxurious. He never conformed to the current fashions and always showcased a truly original style. His individuality helped define what would be the typical post-war Italian style.


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