Classic Draper's Scissors

by Rose Uniacke

Classic Draper's Scissors

The classic 18k rose gold plated drapers scissors are handmade in Sheffield by craftsmen using traditional techniques. The hot-forged carbon steel blades are of a professionals standard due to their unrivalled quality and precision cutting for all types of fabric.

The scissors are presented in a hand-stitched soft chocolate brown Nubuck leather pouch with a lining of matching suede. The pouch closes with a vegetable dyed leather thong.

Please follow the below guidelines and you can expect a lifetime of use from your fabric scissors:

These scissors are strictly for fabric and needlework only.

All scissors are finished with a little protective oil around the screw and on the cutting edges. This is to ensure protection during storage and delivery. Please remove any excess before use.

Always store in a dry environment with the blades closed.

To prolong life, wipe the inside of the blades of the scissors after each use with a clean, soft cloth such as a micro-fibre. In doing so, tiny particles of dust and fibres are removed which can cause a build-up between the blades and can impair the cutting ability. For heavier users, use a drop of light machine oil on a clean cloth to wipe the inside of the blades and near the screw.

Avoid harsh treatment of the scissors - dropping them can cause irreversible damage, particularly if the blades are open.

Occasionally, scissors may need resharpening and this should only be carried out by specialised craftsman. Incorrect sharpening can render scissors useless.

Do not wash scissors
H 9cm x W 25cm
H 3.54" x W 9.85"


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