Serrurier-Bovy Gustave


Gustave Serrurier-Bovy was a Belgian designer and architect, and one of the early members of the Art Nouveau movement. After practicing architecture in his hometown of Liège until 1888, he became a furniture dealer and developed a great interest in English furniture. On a visit to England in 1891, Serrurier-Bovy became fascinated with William Morris; his subsequent work bore close relation to the Arts and Crafts movement. In 1884, he opened his own interior decoration and furniture shop in Liège, and later he opened branches in Brussels and Paris. His designs focused on a simplicity in decoration and an accessibility to members of various social classes. As such, in 1902, he turned away from expensive artisanal products in favour of a more industrial aesthetic. Following this transition, he founded 'Serrurier et Cie' with a Parisian architect. Between 1903 and 1907 some of his finest pieces were produced.


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