Maison Baguès


Baguès was born in Auvergne in about 1840 and later moved to Paris to establish Maison Baguès there in 1860. Baguès quickly became a word synonymous with exceptional quality and has since been a specialist in luxury lighting. The company developed its designs towards the end of the nineteenth century alongside advancements in electricity and bronze lighting.

In the 1920s, Victor and Robert Baguès, the sons of the founder, extended the company's collection with some of their own designs in iron. The company also worked with renowned designers and decorators including Jansen, Raymond Subes and Armand Albert Rateau.

Between the two World Wars, Maison Baguès expanded internationally, establishing showrooms worldwide. They also extended their work into wrought-iron work, manufacturing gates and banisters commissioned for important buildings such as the Champs-Élysées theatre.


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