An important collection is given the space to breathe - and shine - in this beautifully balanced apartment.

This 1940s apartment in central London required substantial renovation.  The brief was to design an open, spacious setting in which to house and display the client’s extensive collection of art, books and music.

Rose created a beautifully, cleverly balanced interior that is at one and the same time lively and relaxing.

On the one hand, it is an interior with white walls, black floors, a number of black accents and “statement” lighting.  The floors are the original parquet floors from the 1940s. These were restored and stained black under our supervision.

On the other hand, commodious, comfortable sofas, generous neutral drapery and the mix of antique and modern or contemporary furnishings – including bespoke built-in cabinetry in the kitchen and bedroom - together create a peaceful, reassuring interior of real softness.

"Every room has to have a hook, a thing that roots it, around which everything is built.


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