A West London Villa with a strict white on white colour palette.

The owner of this imposing 19th century villa had a very specific colour brief - for a strict palette of whites and neutrals, with only the purest of white tones. Rose’s challenge within this restrained brief was to create a balance that made the spaces feel warm and welcoming whilst keeping a calm white focus which wasn’t too cool or chilly.

“I wanted to have a very real sense of the beauty of white, and enhance it”

The result is a masterclass in the power of white - a period interior, approached in a fresh and contemporary way.

Rose combined shades of white with carefully chosen neutrals, adding texture, then darker tones to enrich the scheme. The clean lines and shades of white impart a lean modern energy and freshness, providing a neutral context for a sculptural mix of carefully curated contemporary and antique pieces and artworks that balance and enhance the scheme, lending it both strength and warmness. 

“I think it’s important in classical houses to have some antique pieces,  even if the feeling is to be fairly contemporary, they root the scheme, providing contrast and variation and a nod to the age of the building.” 

“I wanted to have a very real sense of the beauty of white, and enhance it"


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