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Rose Uniacke GrafClean & Rose Uniacke GrafClean Midsheen

Rose Uniacke GrafClean Paint is made from vegetable resins and ecological minerals - resulting in a high performaing, durable, washable matt paint. With fantastic coverage, impeccable ecological credentials and extraordinary depth of colour, it is perfect for use in busy homes, for both interior and exterior applications.

All 14 Rose Uniacke Paint colours are available in both GrafClean and GrafClean Midsheen finishes.

Rose Uniacke Ecosphere Paint

This pure lime paint is our most sustainable - absorbing and capturing CO2, as it cures - helping to purify your air.

Our purest Lime paint is available in 7 Rose Uniacke colours.

Rose Uniacke GrafClean

Uses the natural properties of Graphene technology to create a product with excellent performance, durability and coverage

Suitable for both interior and exterior use

A flat matt finish with <4% sheen

Hardwearing and washable

Perfect for use on walls in kitchens and bathrooms

Toy safe - EN71-3:2013 - safe for use in children's bedrooms

BS Class 'o' fire rating

Certfied Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Standard

Awarded Cradle to Cradle Bronze

High Yield (10-16m²/L)


Rose Uniacke GrafClean Midsheen

Uses the natural properties of Graphene technology to create a product with excellent performance, durability and coverage

Suitable for both interior and exterior use

An Eggshell finish with <20% sheen

Hardwearing and washable

Perfect for use on walls in high traffic areas like hallways

Perfect for primed woodwork, joinery and metal

High yield (10-16m²/L)


Rose Uniacke Ecosphere

Pure lime for interior use

A natural matt finish

Absorbs CO2 as it cures (4.7kg/15L)

Breathable (Sd Class 1)

Non-Combustible - EU A1

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver

BREEAM, LEED and WELL Certified

C2C health Gold

Global Green Tag Platinum

High Yield (12-18m²/L)

Uses the natural properties of Graphene technology to produce a product with excellent performance, durability and coverage

Pure lime offers natural anti-bacterial qualities

Usage Guidelines


  GrafClean GrafClean Midsheen Ecosphere
Lime *   **
Plaster ** ** **
Plasterboard ** ** **
Previously Painted ** ** *
Wood/Metal (primed)   **  

* Recommended

** Highly recommended


  GrafClean GrafClean Midsheen Ecosphere
Lime *    
Render (Cement) ** **  
Previously Painted ** **  
Wood/Metal (primed)   *  


Eco Credentials

Rose Uniacke Paint by Graphenstone is made using only the highest quality natural and sustainable minerals.

It contains no acrylics, plastics, formaldehydes or chemical preservatives

It is VOC free <1g/L (0.1%)

Our paint harnesses the natural properties of Graphene to create a product with excellent performance, durability and coverage

Our Ecosphere Lime Paint actively absorbs CO2 - purifying the air as it cures

Our manufacturing processes are powered using 100% renewable energy

Our paint tubs are made from 100% recyclable materials and are 100% recyclable

By not transporting excess water, our CO2 emissions from transport can be reduced by up to 0.45kg/15L

As waste material, our paint will not harm the environment, animals or human health

Our paint is water soluble and contains no other solvents

Our paint is free from micro-plastics and is MIT and chemical preservative free

Useful Tips

Just Add Water

For best results, Rose Uniacke paint requires diluting with clean water.


By reducing the quantity of water added to the base paint, it enables us to increase the amount of actual product delivered (not the additional water content) and reduce our global carbon footprint.

Our paint is up to 70% solid content, where most other brands, typically contain between 25-40% solid. A little clean water added, will not affect the performance of the paint and will help you with application.

Dilution Rates

How much?

1st coat 15-20% max OR 150 -200ml/Litre

2nd coat 10-15% max OR 100 -150ml/Litre

Useful Tips

Decant into a paint kettle, scuttle or roller tray and mix the paints well. Allow to settle to minimise air bubbles.

Onto bare gypsum plaster, an extra watered-down coat (a mist coat diluted by around 20%.) of the paint may be required. Alternatively, use a mist coat of Graphenstone’s Nevada Ultra.

Onto Woodwork

GrafClean Mid Sheen can be applied with a dilution of 5-10% maximum, to ease application.

Opening Your Pots

Our pots are 100% recyclable. Even our sample pots are Cradle to Cradle certified.

Carefully ease the lids off all the way around before removing them. Clean the lids and pot edges of dried paint before putting lids back on, to keep your paint in good condition and maintain a good seal for storage.

Well-kept and sealed, your paint should last around 12 months.

Application Tips

For best results, use a good quality medium pile roller on walls.

For woodwork and panels, a sponge or flock roller can often leave a better finish.

For spraying details please contact us

Maintain a 'wet-edge' when painting to avoid wet and dry layers overlapping to eliminate 'lap marks'.

Take care not to apply the paint too thickly. The natural lime and mineral bases benefit from being rolled and worked out well, almost until the roller is dry. This will help you to achieve a rich and even finish.

Full opacity and coverage of the lime paints will be achieved after the first 3-4 days. You may initially think the paint seems a little patchy. Do not rush to apply extra coats; allow the paint to cure. 2 coats will generally be sufficient onto mist coated, or most previously painted surfaces.

Drying and Curing Times

We cure naturally!

Our paint contains zero toxins or chemical additives which can off gas, polluting not only the environment, but also the air in your own home.

How long?

Rose Uniacke paint dries and cures naturally. Allow 2-4 hours between coats and 24 hours for full drying.

If using outside or in an area where moisture may be present (kitchens/bathrooms/showers) please then protect from rain and water and avoid rubbing or cleaning for 4 days.

Full cure of our paints is achieved in around 30 days, after which they are durable to Class 1!


Use warm, soapy water (using a mild cleaning solution) and a soft sponge (not scourer pads) to gently clean your walls. Rinse off using clean water.

Please be aware that some natural cleaners can have quite harsh ingredients such as limonene and lactic acid, which can adversely affect coatings. Please check the details of your cleaners and test, before using on paintwork.

For full application and product information, including advice on primers, please read the instructions on the tubs, consult the Technical Data Sheets below or contact us


Than you for taking the time to read this and for choosing to use natural, toxin free, sustainable paints!


Paint Your World Greener


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