Primer/Undercoat 1L for Wood & Metal (White)

Rose Uniacke low VOC primers and undercoats are manufactured to the same ecological credentials as our paints. Designed to prepare and adhere to the surface, our primers ensure the colour and finish of your paint is matched by its durability and performance. 
Our Metal & Wood Primer is a low VOC <10g/L emulsion, with excellent adhesion properties, enabling it to stick to a multitude of surfaces; thereby providing a bridge for the adherence of our paint. With antioxidant and sealant properties, use as a primer on tiles, metal substrates, and on wood.


For use with Grafclean Eggshell in:
- Apple Mint
- Argil
- Bloom
- Candle
- Canvas
- Champagne
- Cotton
- Cowparsley
- Cream Soda
- Cygnet
- Dew
- Dust
- Eucalyptus
- Feather
- Frost
- Gesso
- Marshmallow
- Meadow Sweet
- Pale Stone
- Pancake
- Peach
- Sea Green
- Sea Mist
- Silver Dust
- Snowdrop
- Strawberry Milkshake
- Vanilla Cream
- Wild Sage


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