Rose Uniacke At Home - Limited Edition. Orginally published in October 2021, by Rizzoli.

Author: Rose, with text by Alice Rawsthorn, Vincent Van Dysen and Tom Stuart-Smith. Photography by François Halard

Masterfully photographed by François, the book unfolds gatefold after gatefold as a series of privileged glimpes inside Rose's home, with her own words as our guide.

The book describes the labour of love with which Rose has transformed what was left of artist James Rannie Swinton's mansion since she turned it into her family home.

" I fell for this house years before we bought it. There was a magic. But it was too large, too damaged and most defintely too big a project. My husband, David and I walked away; it would be madness to take it on. But it never left me. I often thought about how I might tame it's space, just enough to become liveable. Three years later, it was still there. Nobody else would touch it, and we took the plunge."

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