Prouvé Simone


Simone Prouvé trained in weaving techniques in Paris, Sweden and Finland. Her interest in weaving began in making paper string figurines, and dressing them in various handmade outfits. In 1953 she left France to train in Sweden and began to perfect her technique. Upon her return to France, she worked closely with her father, Jean Prouvé, expanding her projects in size and working in a more architectural, rather than purely de- sign framework. One of her earliest commissions was for a set of benches by Charlotte Perriand: she produced the first fabric meter units to the standard of the Modulor, as devised by Le Corbusier, which were exhibited in March 1956 at the opening of the Steph Simon Gallery in Paris. Her later engagement in colour was a product of her meeting with future husband André Schlosser in 1963. His comparable artistic drive excited a desire to allow colour to dominate and act as an agent in the dynamism inherent within her tapestries
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