Val d'Osne Foundry


The foundry of Val d'Osne became highly regarded for the varied nature and quality of its castings in the second half of the 19th century. Commonly known after 1870 as simply Val D'Osne, the company was originally founded by J.P.V. André in Val d'Osne 1835 and developed rapidly, absorbing smaller foundries in the Haute-Marne area east of Paris. The foundry contributed to the London International Exhibition of 1851, where a bronze fountain cast with classical figures attracted much attention. André also specialised in fancy castings and architectural fittings. His Paris adress was at 14 Rue Neuve, Menilmontant.

In 1855 the Barbezat & Cie Foundry was born out of the André workshop. In 1867 Barbezat & Cie changed its name to Houille & Cie. Then, in 1870, it changed its name to Société Anonyme du Val d'Osne. With the change of name came the change of casting mark and adress: Fonderies d'Art du Val d'Osne, 58 Bd Voltaire, Paris or simply Val d'Osne.


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