76-84 Pimlico Road

Our shops are on the Pimlico Road, beside some of London’s most respected antique and twentieth century furniture dealers and designers.

Our "flagship" is at 76-84 and a short walk across the road we have opened our Fabric Shop at 103.

Here you can see all of the fabrics, plus the new wider collection, which offers table linens, bedlinen, dressing gowns, pyjamas, aprons and lots more fabric-related pieces. You can also see our new Rose Uniacke Paint range.

Please contact us for further assistance: mail@roseuniacke.com or fabric@roseuniacke.com

See below for a short video through the Rose Uniacke Fabric shop.

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We’re conveniently close to the V&A, the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, as well as home to one of its greatest art libraries; and we’re just a short walk from the Museum of Contemporary Art for London, previously known as the Saatchi Gallery.

It is a showroom that both looks and feels intensely spirit-of-Rose:  high windows, off-white walls, bare untreated floorboards and a resolutely spare display; but soothing as well as airy, an oasis of calm as well as refinement and, as a shop should be, in every way welcoming.

The display itself is also very Rose: a delicately balanced mix of furniture, lighting and textiles of different styles and from different periods - some antique, some twentieth century and some contemporary; some designed by Rose and her team and some by other, generally well-known, designers; some subtle in appeal, some less so; some rare, even unique; and some just unusually beautiful.

As we are continually not only buying and selling but also producing new designs, the display changes all the time. You won’t see anything, though, that hasn’t been chosen for its potential to transform an interior space or that isn’t beautifully made, from beautiful material, and in good condition.

While it’s true that pieces often require restoration or reupholstering, we entrust all such jobs to craftspeople, skilled in the traditional techniques required, whose work we know well and who, like us, are in love with antiques and with what they do.

Rose is herself formally trained in restoration and conservation. An antique dealer long before she became an interior designer, with a reputation for combining flair with seriousness, her eye, her expertise and her technical and academic rigour – in a word, her professionalism – are at the heart of this side of our business and key to its success.

Why not come and see us? If nothing else, we’re a wonderful place from which to watch the world go by. On the corner of two streets, and looking out on to both through vast windows, we are very much a showroom with a view and, more often than not, there’s an exceptionally comfortable sofa from which to enjoy it.

"Within a series of light-filled spaces, bare white walls and unvarnished wood floors form a backdrop for the ornate lines of an 18th-century gilt-wood mirror or a Regency sofa.  Uniacke’s own bespoke pieces, including the handblown Bubble Glass Lantern are incorporated seamlessly throughout." – Lonny Magazine, July/August 2013


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