Paint your world greener

At Rose Uniacke we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously.

Many traditional house paints contain chemicals that are hazardous to the environment and to your health. In keeping with our commitment to promote educated choices, with as little negative environmental impact as possible, Rose Uniacke has teamed up with Graphenstone to develop a range of natural, mineral based paints, free from toxic chemicals.

Healthy, virtually odourless, sustainable and durable; micro-plastic, trace VOC and preservative free - they are guaranteed to be kinder to you, and to our planet.

Achieving the industry's highest ecological standards, our paint combines innovation, tradition and technology with exceptional performance, durability and coverage.

Rose Uniacke Paint by Graphenstone

Painting your world room at a time.


The perfect palette for use on interior and exterior walls and woodwork, Rose has worked with Graphenstone to develop her range of paints, harnessing the natural properties of Graphene to impart durability, coverage and high performance, and rich organic and metal oxide pigments to deliver extraordinary depth and vibrancy of colour.

Available in three finishes, equally suited to traditional or modern homes, these are the colours that Rose uses in her decorative schemes as a backdrop to the timeless blend of antique and contemporary pieces that has become her trademark.

Hard wearing, sustainable and ecologically accountable - with a perfect colour for every setting - Rose Uniacke Paint is exclusively available instore and online.

The secret to flawless paint is careful preparation. To ensure an immaculate, even and long lasting finish - compliment your chosen top coat with Rose Uniacke's specially formulated Wall & Ceiling Primer/Undercoat and Wood Primer/Undercoat.



Rose Uniacke GrafClean & Rose Uniacke GrafClean Eggshell (Midsheen)

Rose Uniacke GrafClean Paint is made from vegetable resins and ecological minerals - resulting in a high performing, durable, washable matt paint. With fantastic coverage, impeccable ecological credentials and extraordinary depth of colour, it is perfect for use in busy homes, for both interior and exterior applications.

All 41 Rose Uniacke Paint colours are available in both GrafClean and GrafClean Eggshell finishes.

Rose Uniacke Ecosphere Paint

This pure lime paint is our most sustainable - absorbing and capturing CO2, as it cures, the majority in the first 30 days - helping to purify your air.

Our purest Lime paint is available in 13 Rose Uniacke colours.