Poillerat Gilbert


Born in 1902, Gilbert Poillerat is recognised as being a leading master of ironwork during his time. He graduated from the Ecole Bulle in 1921 and soon after went to to work as a designer and model maker for Edgar Brandt. Here he learnt much of his craft as Edgar Brandt was himself renowned for his work in metal and even weaponry making (developed during the First World War). During his career he collaborated with designers such as Andre Arbus, Jaques Adnet and Jean Royere. His designs show his love of hard metal and design. His work reflected the constant changing of tastes over time. From the 1930 his designs became much simpler and suggestive of 18th century neo-classical forms. The style he developed evokes the Ecole de Fontainebleau and the almost surreal preciosity made fashionable by certain designers at that time. Compared to many other designers, he was inspired more by historical forms - making his objects airy and delicate in appearance. This can be seen by the use of details such as entwined chord. His motto to reflect his work was, "iron is not an accessory, it is an ornament". By the late 1930's, he was recognised as being one of the most skilled ironworkers of his generation. His pieces are known as being highly unique and he often produced limited editions. His work can be characterised as being striking and dynamic.


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